Turkish Cultural Center Vermont gives awards at Friendship Dinner

Award recipients (from left): Bonnie Tangalos, Sheriff Keith Clark, Jean O'Sullivan, Bill Sorrell, Yusuf Demir, Aostre Johnson, Eyup Sener, Jim Fogler, Burak Kararti, Tom Mercurio, Jon Pahl, Nancy Wright, Marilyn Cormier, Philip Conroy and Dziyana Aydin. / Courtesy photo
Award recipients (from left): Bonnie Tangalos, Sheriff Keith Clark, Jean O'Sullivan, Bill Sorrell, Yusuf Demir, Aostre Johnson, Eyup Sener, Jim Fogler, Burak Kararti, Tom Mercurio, Jon Pahl, Nancy Wright, Marilyn Cormier, Philip Conroy and Dziyana Aydin. / Courtesy photo

Date posted: December 1, 2013

The Turkish Cultural Center of Vermont held its first Friendship Dinner and Award Ceremony Wednesday at Burlington Sheraton Hotel Conference Center in South Burlington.

The Turkish Cultural Center is the Vermont’s premier source of information on Turkey, its history, culture and heritage. The group’s primary goal is to help improve the integration of the Turkic Society in the state of Vermont. This nonprofit, non-governmental organization is committed to community involvement and actively encourages international cultural exchanges via special events and projects such as business exchange, multicultural discussion forums and international trips to Turkey.

Gov. Peter Shumlin addresses the Turkish Cultural Center of Vermont's first Friendship Dinner and Award Ceremony.

Gov. Peter Shumlin addresses the Turkish Cultural Center of Vermont’s first Friendship Dinner and Award Ceremony.

The Friendship Dinner was a concept designed to promote diversity, peace and harmony among people and communities. The Friendship Dinner brought together more than 100 guests such as community leaders, local and international businessmen, spiritual leaders, elected officials, academics, friends and families.

Keynote speaker was Dr. Jon Pahl of the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Philadelphia.

The awards paid tribute to outstanding individuals and organizations whose contributions markedly strengthen peace, harmony and diversity. TCC recognizes and celebrate the altruism, philanthropy and selfless commitment of distinguished individuals or organizations working toward a better peaceful world.

The following awards were given out:

Leadership Award: Gov. Peter Shumlin.

Community Service Award: Attorney General Bill Sorrell.

Media Award: Michael Townsend, executive editor, Burlington Free Press.

Education Award: Aostre Johnson, professor at St. Michael’s College.

Source: Burlington Free Press , November 27, 2013

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