Great interest shown in Turkish school in Egypt

The Selahaldin International School in Egypt has kicked off the new school year with 600 students from different countries.
The Selahaldin International School in Egypt has kicked off the new school year with 600 students from different countries.

Date posted: October 12, 2009


The Salahaldin International School (SIS) in Egypt, one of many schools sponsored by Turkish entrepreneurs throughout the world, has kicked off the new school year with 600 students, which is an astonishing success for the newly opened school.

Speaking to Today’s Zaman, the director of SIS, Şevket Şimşek, underlined that the number of students who are registered at the school is quite high. Noting that this is a big achievement for a private school in its first year, he added, “This is a result of recent positive developments in relations between Egypt and Turkey, the growing sympathy toward Turkey in Egypt and the superior characteristics of the school.”

He also said the school administration had to refuse many students to keep the standards of the school high. SIS, located in the New Cairo region, is described as an architectural wonder and serves a wide range of school children from kindergarten to high school. Courses at the school are predominantly taught in English, and there are also elective courses in Turkish, French and German. In addition to a conference hall that can hold 500 people, the school’s gym, fitness center and soccer field are other eye-catching facilities at SIS. The school is also well equipped in terms of technology; there are modern laboratories at the school and a cinema. Egypt also hosts American, British, Canadian, Russian and German schools.

Source: Today’s Zaman 11 October 2009


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