Kimse Yok Mu Becomes A Member Of Ecosoc

United Nations Economic and Social Council
United Nations Economic and Social Council

Date posted: May 10, 2010

Kimse Yok Mu Association becomes a member of Ecosoc. United Nations Economic and Social Council. Ecosoc is the name of an organization that is built to coordinate United Nation’s economic, social and other similar branches.  Ecosoc is created after World War II during the year 1945, to act as a forum for international economic and social problems, and give social political suggestions to the member countries and the UN.

The foundation embodies several specific departments.  One of these departments maintains a good relationship between ECOSOC and non governmental organizations and provides accreditation services to NGOs for the status of consultancy to ESOCOS. Since 1946, 3052 non-governmental organizations have been accredited by ECOSOC in the general, specific or roster (a status granted to NGOs contained in neither general nor specific group but made an application).

Membership has been carried through
In March 2008, Kimse Yok Mu Association sent a letter of intent, in the summer of the same year as a result of the meetings, membership acceptance process has been put into effect.  On July 2010 association’s acceptance has become official after the essential meeting. Thus Kimse Yok Mu was granted with the consultancy status in Ecosoc.

Why is Ecosoc consultancy needed?
ECOSOC consulting status is needed to facilitate close contact between UN and Ecosoc and also have NGOs informed of each other.  All year round, all of the meetings, seminars, symposiums and conferences organized by ECOSOC guide the NGOs particularly in the economic or social development fields.

“International Association” status is essential
Consulting status received from Ecosoc means receiving an “International Association” status, which is the official term used.  As an association sending most of their subsidies abroad, for Kimse Yok Mu, having a say in the international arena is very important.  International relations unit of the association has communication with UN’s other subunits as well as Ecosoc.

Powerful association in the international channels
Kimse Yok Mu Association is planning on strengthening its ties between the international channels in the upcoming period. In the following year the association is aiming to raise more help for foreign countries, especially try to collaborate with NGO to help Africa.

Source: Kimse Yok Mu May 8, 2010


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