Education for Sustainable Development

Date posted: July 15, 2014

By Tasmin Mahfuz

Dominic Deo Androga was one of the first students who studied here at the Light Academy in Kenya.

Dominic Deo Androga, PhD Biotechnology: “And I can say it was one of the best experiences. It was the right choice for me to attend the school there cuz from there I was able to pursue my further education in Turkey where I did my BSC and masters in chemical engineering and finished my my PhD in biotechnology.”

Now, a post doctoral scholar, he inspires others with his story at this year’s ECOSOC’S High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

The Peace Islands Institute and Journalists and Writer’s Foundation organized a side panel event here at the UN on creating a sustainable educational environment and the factors that are hindering it.

Researchers found two forms of corruption are holding students back from receiving a high-quality education. First — NOT building disaster-resistant schools – and second — providing poor quality textbooks or no books at all.

SOT: Robert Alcala, Columbia University “what happens in those instances — you have sort of a general phenomenon, where you are reducing the resources that are available for education.”

Semiha Topal –an assistant professor at Fatih Univeristy in Istanbul— researched the contribution of Afghan-Turk schools to peace building in Afghanistan.

Semiha Topal, Fatih University, Turkey: “Most of the time we think its enough for them to have the basic needs but these schools give them more than what they need and what the basic is — a high quality education which rises them in their social status and gives them hope for their future.”

Education for Sustainable Development gives students a purpose–what they learn in school they can use to find solutions to environmental, economic, and social issues but Mr. Hussain Hurmali tells us private and public partnerships are key.

Hussain Hurmali, VP, Journalists and Writer’s Foundation “Government should education the kids but public and some private institutions.”

Panelists say – Development agencies like the World Bank and civic organizations on the ground will need to work together to sanction companies that are engaging in corrupt practices. Only then — young people can follow achieve their full potential as global citizens — just like Dominic.

Source: Ebru News

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