After Fethullah Gülen’s demise what will happen to the Hizmet Movement

Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen in his room, in the US state of Pennsylvania.(Photo: Today's Zaman, Selahattin Sevi)
Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen in his room, in the US state of Pennsylvania.(Photo: Today's Zaman, Selahattin Sevi)

Date posted: March 21, 2016

After Fethullah Gülen’s demise what will happen to the Hizmet Movement, how will it continue and move forward?

To figure out what course of action must be taken for the Hizmet Movement after Fethullah Gülen’s demise, we must look at the movement in its current form. Today, the Hizmet Movement, which is also popularly known as the Gülen Movement, is not administered by a central structure.

Services, in every province of Turkey and independently in every country of the world, foundations and associations are run by separate boards of various trustees and management. Of course even in Fethullah Gülen’s absence, this system will continue its services with the principles applied thus far. All these services were established to gain the pleasure God and, as it is clearly visible, the movement spread all over the world with Divine favor and grace, it must, therefore, remain independent from individuals today and tomorrow.

The movement’s structure is not like a sect, states Fethullah Gülen, negating a situation to change hands with the appointment of a successor “sheikh” in authority; he also opposes the “leadership” role attributed to him with the following:

The expression made by individuals is as offensive as an insult to me that labels this community “Gülen community.” This movement is a volunteers’ movement brought about by people who accepted the idea and method for humanitarian services voluntarily. My position in this institute, no matter what others may claim, is an ordinary individual which consists of effort and endeavor. My ultimate purpose is to lead my whole life as an ordinary individual among these volunteers, who are working with a mind-boggling altruism and selflessness.

[Maybe this is what happens in our service]: In the natural stream of life some virtuous individuals are followed by those who trust them… These individuals are indeed mortal. As a matter of fact, the “credit of trust” given to me will be buried with my death. But the work done for the sake of humanity’s past, present and future will, God willing, be unceasing and permanent. If this spirit can be maintained, the development around it will be protected. There should be no doubt that someone or some people will ensure all these services will continue…

Published on, 16 March 2016, Wednesday

Source: Hizmet Movement , March 19, 2016

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