Mother’s Day takes on a new meaning with Kimse Yok Mu

Date posted: May 10, 2013

“Mother’s Day”, originated abroad in 1908, has been celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May in Turkey since a proposal by Association of Turkish Women in 1955.

Modest celebrations and gifts for our mothers, who are indisputably sacred and dedicated their lives to their children, allow them a meaningful break from the hectic life. However, while those desperately looking for a gift long in advance bemoan the lack of options their mothers deserve, the gifts, on the other hand, fail to go beyond being mere objects presented to enliven a short lived moment.

Your gifts at Kimse Yok Mu

You too for a priceless gift for your mother can have a water well bearing her name in drought-riddled African regions longing for a drop of water. You can sponsor the surgery of a patient in darkness due to cataract disease, embrace an orphan from a world where millions of children are left orphaned or extend a hand to a child receiving no education due to financial hardships.

In order to give this everlasting gift to your mother who seeks to win a good person to the world, you need to make your donation online at Regardless of the amount, you can print out a certificate especially designed for your mother at ‘certificates’ section in return for your donation.

Moreover, in return for your donations to “Orphan”, “Cataract” and “Water well” campaigns-excluding education scholarship donations- a certificate of appreciation bearing a picture of the orphan or cataract patient or the water well you sponsor on your mother’s behalf will be mailed to your address.

If you would like to present a priceless gift to your mother, donate on your mother’s behalf to one of Kimse Yok Mu campaigns: “Cataract in Africa”, “Education Scholarship”, “Orphan” and “Water Well”. By this means, not only will your mother receive the most meaningful gift of her life but those desperate hearts you extend a helping hand to will find hope as well.

Source: [in Turkish] on KimseYokMu, 8 May 2013. English translation is retrieved from HizmetMovement.Com

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