International photography contest “Peace at the Frame”

I.International photography contest peace at the frame
I.International photography contest peace at the frame

Date posted: August 30, 2013

The Journalist and Writers Foundation’s (GYV) Intercultural Dialogue Platform announces its first, annual photography contest. GYV likes to draw attention one more time to the peace, which is need more than ever these days through art of photography .GYV intends to unite everybody who can put the peace at his/her frame with the expertise of the art of photography under the roof of this contest in order to understand the existence and lack of it, and the importance in our lives.

Let your photograph take place in the history with phrasing “it contributed to peace”

Subject: I.International photography contest peace at the frame
Date: February 19, 2014
Place: İstanbul



Winner – FIAP Gold Medal ($1000)
Second – FIAP Silver Medal ($750)
Third -FIAP Bronze Medal ($500)
Mansions -6 FIAP Mansions ($100)

Winner – UPI Gold Medal ($1000)
Second -UPI Silver Medal ($750)
Third – UPI Bronze Medal ($500)
Mansions -6 UPI Mansions ($100)

Jury’s Special Award ($500)

KADIP (Intercultural Dialogue Platform)
KADIP’s Special Award(1000 $)

21 Exhibitions (50 $)

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Source: Intercultural Dialogue Platform , September 29, 2013

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