Palauan President: We would like to participate in Turkish Language Olympics

Date posted: February 7, 2014


A delegation including President of Turkish Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (TCCP), Irfan Karabulut, and International Foundation Schools General Manager, Malik Gencer, had been to the island country Palau to pay a visit to the country’s president, Thomas Esang Remengesau; Social and Cultural Affairs Minister, Baktai Temengil Chilton; and Palau Chamber of Commerce President, Kaleb Udui.

The President Remengesau expressed his pleasure to receive the delegation and delivered a presentation on the Republic of Palau and its people. He further accentuated the significant role that intercultural activities will play in boosting Turkish-Palauan bilateral relations. He also expressed his willingness to have Palauan student participate in the coming Turkish Language Olympics. They are ready to do whatever it takes, Remengesau said.

Following Remengesau’s presentation, TCCP President Karabulut took the stage to brief the officials on the activities of their affiliated institutions and achievements of Turkish schools in the Philippines.

In the visit, a Filipino, Turkish and Palauan joint meeting seeking to foster commercial relations was scheduled for near future. The participant Palauan businessmen expressed their wish to have their Filipino and Turkish counterparts invest in the country.

The president Remengesau and minister Chilton revealed that they intend to pay a visit to TCCP in the Philippines in early 2014 and gear up for the coming TUSKON World Trade Bridge following the visit. They are also set to seek trade partnership opportunuties with TUSKON member businessmen.

The Republic of Palau is an island country located in Pacific Ocean. Spread across 250 island with a population of 21 thousand, the country receives approximately 220 thousand tourists annually.

Published [in Turkish] on Cihan, 21 December 2013, Saturday

Source: HizmetMovement.Com , February 7, 2014

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