What’s not to love in this coup?

Date posted: January 18, 2014


Coup of September 12 bulldozed over this nation.

– Executions from left and from right…
– Gathering people in full-stadiums in each city…
– Annihilating the constitution, political parties, unions, and foundations…
– Imprisoning those who oppose and protest…
– Treating books as weapons…
– Changing every police station to a torture station…
– Cutting out all voices except Kenan Evren’s… [name of the Chief of General Staff)
– Zincirbozans, Hamzakoys… [places of excile]
– Metrises, Mamaks, Diyarbakirs… [names of famous jails]
– Exiles, pains, tears…
– Opressions, cruelties…
There is no end to it…

According to AK Party, who has been in power for the last 11 years:
A coup took place on December 17th.

Yet, it is hard to understand what kind of coup it is:
– They [the government] own the army, they own the tanks, they own the National Security
– Since they can tear it to shreds, they own the police power…
– They own advisers, ministers, deputies and bureaucrats…
– They own tens of “talking heads” showing up every night on TV channels…
– They own universities, governors…
– They own NGOs…
– They own tons of newspapers having the same caption on the same day…
– They own the legislative and executive powers…
– They own the power to attach the judiciary to the ministry of justice overnight…
– They own the self-confidence of attempting to bankrupt a bank…
– They own the moral superiority of comparing billion dollars of corruption with
the Dubai vacation of a prosecutor…
– They own the ability to label everyone who asks “what about corruption,
bribery, freeloading” as “pro-coup, parallel-government, a cemaat person” (1)
In short, they own everything…

Like the famous Nasreddin Hodja saying, I am saying: Oh my dears, give me this power, this authority, and this dominance you have…  I’ll be fine facing the persecutions of coups.

Guys, let’s lynch the Cemaat! (2)

MashaAllah, don’t they know a lot about the Cemaat? Everybody is talking. Hadjis are saying something, Hodjas are saying something, scholars are saying something, the cruel is saying something, the reputable is saying something, and the clown is saying something.

They are using the millennial arguments of the ultra-nationalists. They are copying and pasting whatever they could find in the Aydinlik Magazines of Dogu Perincek.

Oh sorry, let’s be fair to them… they do some additions. They are adding some Quranic verses, hadithes and Islamic perspectives.

Just yesterday, they were writing letters using words such as “my hodja… my dear hodja… my honorable hodja… my hodja that I would kiss his hands and feet…” but today they are telling him stuff that even a Kemalist hadn’t ever have said in the past:

“Jesuit priest ” they say… ” Opus Dei,” they say… ” Knights Templar, ” they say.

Yesterday, they were calling them ” brothers”, today, they are calling them with names that they wouldn’t call their enemies with. Yesterday they were saying, “shut up, you mischief maker!” to the ones who were asking if there is a fall out between the cemaat and the government. Now they are cursing up a mouthful to them.

They used to write: “Our relationship with Gulen movement is kneaded with willingness, affection and being directed to the same lofty aim. People who don’t know that fact, will be disappointed due to their miscalculations.” Even before the ink is dry, now they are saying “we are going to smash this cemaat”.

Yesterday they were saying “God bless you Fethullah Gulen Hodja… Those services you have done cannot be forgotten…  You have made the voice of Islam heard in every part of the world…” Today they say, “In the houses of Cemaat, Bible is read instead of Quran”.

Up until yesterday, those who were dying to get a good seat in the “Turkish Olympiads”, now shamelessly intimidate the Turkish Olympiads organizers by saying “you think you have grown into a man by making two African and three Asian kids recite a Turkish a song.”

They now treat Hanefi Avci as the “potential director of the police department”. He was the one who was jailed after he wrote a book against the “Cemaat” and up until December 17th, they have not even looked at his face.

They have started a festival of lynch and entered a ritual of execution.  They call those who do not join the lynch as “pro-coup”, and those who do not participate in the execution “pro-parallel government”.  They execute everyone who does play their part in their “Stoning the Cemaat” game.

It used to be the case that confrontation, black propaganda, slandering and conspiring had their own rules and conventions.  Not anymore…
(1) cemaat person refers to Gulen movement participants.
(2) Cemaat is the word for Community that refers to the Gulen Movement.

Source: Hurriyet , January 13, 2014

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