Deputy Premier Arinc: We are quite happy of the success of Turkish schools in Yemen

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mr. Bulent Arinc
Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mr. Bulent Arinc

Date posted: April 1, 2011

State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that the Turkish schools in Yemen offered a successful education and they felt very happy for this reason. Before his visit to the International Turkish School in Sana, the capital city of Yemen, Arinc talked to the news agency Cihan, “You can see traces of Ottoman and Turkish culture in Yemen. Now we are having a meaningful visit. We are visiting the Turkish international schools here.”

Reminding us of the 5 Turkish schools in Yemen, Arinc said, “They were established in 1998. This one is the school in Sana, there are more than 600 students. 60 teachers work here of which 19 colleagues are from Turkey. We are very happy, it offers a very successful education. All authorities we met in Sana agreed that the schools were very successful.”

Thanking everyone who contributed to the opening of schools, Arinc said: “I give my thanks to all my brothers and sisters who came here from Turkey with enthusiasm to open these schools and who enjoy working here with devotion and pleasure. “May God be pleased with everybody who conduct such kind of service in these countries and who introduce our flag, our Turkish National Anthem and our Turkish language to the world”, he said.

Source: Zaman Newspaper Jan 12, 2011. IDC members translated the news from Turkish.

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