Erdoğan planning to stage another coup in bid to eradicate remaining dissidents, columnist claims

Date posted: October 10, 2016

“Be ready! If you look closer, we have yet to put an end. We just put a comma,” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a recent speech after he narrated the story of a man who was killed by soldiers during the bloody coup attempt on July 15.

According to TR724 columnist Selin Tanbay, Erdoğan’s speech was nothing but the first signal of what she calls ‘a new plot in the making’ against the sympathizers of the Gülen movement and other dissident voices.

Giving his Ramadan holiday message on September 13, Erdoğan kept his eyes away from the teleprompter and let his plans slip out for a while, Tanbay said. She also added that pro-government social media users and journalists have begun to claim that another coup attempt would take place soon since then.

“Some figures talk about how the new coup take place while some urge citizens about necessary steps against it. …Among them is making A, B and C plans to execute tens of thousands of imprisoned Gülen sympathizers,” Tanbar stated.

Recalling Erdoğan’s earlier remarks the attempt was a gift from God to root out the Gülen sympathizers, Tanbay also reminded the president’s another comment: “We have had the opportunity to do what we were not allowed to do in normal times.”

Retired Col. Hasan Atilla Uğur has being praised by pro-government Yeni Şafak daily and Doğu Perinçek, Erdoğan’s latest ally in crackdown against the movement, for his anticipation of a coup attempt prior to July 15, Tanbay said.

The guy again showed up saying: “Be ready for the second attempt. It is very soon. I tell you with clear intelligence. The second one will be more bloody,” columnist stated.

“He says no later than November in response to a question of when,” she adds.

Tanbay said Uğur urges the government to purge the National Intelligence Service, police department, military and prison staff, in order to prevent the second attempt.

Pro-gov’t journalist calls for relentless fight in every street

“The second figure to voice such allegations was [Yeni Şafak editor-in-chief] İbrahim Karagül. … ‘Each and every individual in every house in every street should establish defense lines,’ Karagül implied a man hunt in streets before adding: ‘Our only responsibility is to be ready for the greatest fight’,” Tanbay continued.

Another pro-government journalist Fatih Tezcan was one of those people who used the word “coup” when nobody was aware of what was going on at July 15 night, Tanbay said.

“Now he says: ‘I talk as an ordinary citizen: I swear to God that there will be a recurrence of July 15 but we will have no mercy this time around’.”

Erdoğan’s Twitter army asks gov’t to kill all Gülen sympathizers in jail

Bülent Üstün, a pro-Justice and Development Party (AKP) Twitter troll has also called on the government to make plans for the massacre of all Gülen sympathizers who are currently behind bars in the event of a second coup attempt in the country, Tanbay said.

What follow are some of his tweets Tanbay quoted to back up his claim.

“All the necessary measures should be taken for the immediate killing of all FETÖ members in jail in the event of a second coup attempt. There should be no other inmates in the prisons where FETÖ members are jailed. Special execution teams should be deployed there. FETÖ and its jailed members should know that only the dead bodies of FETÖ members who make escape plans can be taken out of jail.

The guns of prison guards should be taken away, FETÖ members including military members, police officers, prosecutors and judges should be collected in one or two prisons. PÖH [special police units] should operate with the authority to kill 24/7,”

Highlighting that she believes the July 15 coup attempt was Erdoğan’s own shot to eradicate his opponents, Tanbay claimed that the second deliberate attempt will put into practice for a full massacre.

Another pro-government journalist Ömer Turan also tweeted: “Why the second attempt is coming is that Erdoğan challenged the superior mind in the US who attempted to reconcile with himself. A subjective downgrade in [Turkey’s] credit rating by Moody’s after Erdoğan refused to give up in the US is the signal fire of the second coup.”

Source: Turkey Purge , October 10, 2016

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