Kimse Yok Mu, the prominent outlet for international aid

With activities spanning across 113 nations, the non-profit organizations aid activities continues to reach across the globe defying theTurkish government’s unjustified persecution.
With activities spanning across 113 nations, the non-profit organizations aid activities continues to reach across the globe defying theTurkish government’s unjustified persecution.

Date posted: January 23, 2015

Most recently the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa Council of Muslims has committed over $550 million in aid to support Kimse Yok Mu’s international effort to reach out to the vast number of Syrian refugees who struggle to survive through winter in Turkey, after being displaced from their home country amidst years of conflict. The efforts have also been added to by the Singapore based As Siddiq, along with Simply İslam, the Arab Network, Nagshibandi Singapore, AMD, Qiswah.

A key point of Kimse Yok Mu’s international aid efforts continues to be Palestine, which has been given a boost with a $203,000 aid package donated from the Rehmet Lil Alemin organization in Singapore.

Kimse Yok Mu has continued with perseverance to serve families in need in all corners of the globe. The Turkish government recently unjustly removed the organization’s right to receive donations without a permit. Kimse Yok Mu, a UN partner in aid, has passed regularly passed all audits with flying colors.

Source: BGN News , January 23, 2015

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