10 unanswered questions about the Dec. 17 operation

Date posted: January 28, 2014


1- Even though Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) tipped off the government about the unlawful transactions of Reza Zarrab a full eight months before the corruption investigation became public on Dec. 17, why didn’t the government pay attention to MİT’s warning?


2- Will Turkish citizens place any trust in their country’s courts?

3- If a person close to the government is suspected of corruption, will prosecutors and the police be able to carry out an investigation?

4- Would we have learned about the endemic corruption if there was no conflict between the government and the Hizmet movement?

5- When did the government realize the existence of the alleged parallel state?

6- Referring to the Hizmet movement, Erdoğan said: “What did they want that we didn’t give?” Exactly what does the prime minister mean by this?

7- How many prosecutors’ orders have not been carried out by the police since Dec. 17?

8- What kind of crime was involved in the “pineapple” incident?

9- Will the government give a response to the US Treasury’s designation of Zarrab as a financier of terrorism, even though the prime minister had previously called him a “charitable businessman”?

10- How many bureaucrats have been reassigned since Dec. 17?


Source: Todays Zaman , January 28, 2014

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