Romanian-Turkish Schools gear up for flood survivors

Date posted: October 27, 2013

Romanian-Turkish Schools’ students donated their pocket money for the past month’s flood survivors in the eastern Romania. Moreover, the students delivered the aid in person to those living in trailer houses. The aid recipients who lamented desolation more than the sufferings the flood caused were in tears upon receiving the supplies.

Efforts to heal the wounds in the aftermath of the past month’s flood have been well underway. Those left homeless are accommodated in trailer houses and have been paid compensation equivalent of their loss.

As expected, the local Turkish schools too geared up for an aid campaign for the survivors. The schools’ students raised their pocket money in order to extend a hand to the needy. The Turkish businessmen engaged in Bucharest on the other hand contributed to the cause by donating goods and money. Kimse Yok Mu Foundation too was involved with its stables supplies, blankets and alike, as winter is around the corner.

When aid supplies in the amount of 12 tons intended for 700 houses in three different towns were loaded the trucks, the volunteer students and businessmen hit the roads for delivery. In cooperation with the local officials, the aid packages were delivered to those in need who couldn’t help crying upon receiving their share. “It’s really hard to bear. I’ve lost all I had to the flood. I have no one to help me. May God accept your efforts,” an elderly female survivor said.

The aid team also visited the houses of several survivors. One of them living in a one-room house with his four-member family related their sufferings: “The overnight flood took away everything we had. There’s nothing we could do. We have sheltered in this house, with my mother, wife and child. I don’t know how we are going to get through the winter.”

Nine fell dead and thousands of residents suffered damage in the past month’s flood that hit the eastern part of the country.

Published [in Turkish] on Cihan, 25 October 2013, Friday

Source: HizmetMovement.Com , October 27, 2013

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