13 criteria Erdogan regime uses to determine Gulen supporters are terrorists

Date posted: September 26, 2016

Dr. Ismail Sezgin of the Centre for Hizmet Studies in the UK highlights the 13 criteria, based on Turkish PM Binali Yildirim’s statement, to identify Gulen supporters, who the regime considers terrorists. Binali Yildirim declared 16 criteria which they rely on determining Gulen supporters. The arrests and purge in Turkey are made according to these criteria. Dr. Sezgin explained them in 13 points as a couple of them were repetitive. He further underlines 4 points that these are nothing to with coup-plotting or terrorism. With these criteria the government of Turkey can anyone and this is what has been happening in Turkey.

1- Investing money in Bank Asya.

2- Being a member of any Gulen affiliated organization.

3- Using a text messaging app.

4-  Making donation to “Kimse Yok Mu,” a Gulen affiliated humanitarian aid organization.

5- Being profiled although it is unconstitutional.

6- Being active and supportive of the Gulen Movement in social media.

7- Attending lectures and meeting organized by this group, who have not been convicted of any crime.

8- Being promoted quickly, which is, in fact, observed in Erdogan supporters in the bureaucracy.

9- Financially supporting Gulen affiliated organizations such as secular schools in Africa.

10- Reliable testimonies – only according to Erdogan regime- [taken under torture]

11- Having relationship with detained people.

12- Being snitched by, for example, a colleague or a neighbor.

13- Subscription to any magazine or daily affiliated by Gulen.

With these criteria the government of Turkey can arrest anyone and this is what has been happening in Turkey.

The 4 points that these are nothing to with coup-plotting or terrorism.

1- None of these criteria are about coup-plotting or terrorism.

2- These criteria aim to criminalize innocent people,

3- These criteria are used to silence the dissidents.

4- The purge in Turkey is initial steps of a greater oppression and injustice yet to come.



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