Call for paper for “International Family Policy Conference”

Date posted: August 11, 2014

The Journalists and Writers Foundation is organizing the third international family conference, “International Family Policies”, in order to analyze different kind of legal formulations to protect family as an “institution” across different countries. Conference aims to prioritize policy-oriented articles together with academic and descriptive ones. This call for papers is an invitation for all academics from any disciplines of social science and activists paying attention to the issue.

This year’s third International Family Conference has been set on the subject of “Family Policies”. Open to all disciplines, academics, independent researchers and members of civil society, with the aim of an in-depth study of all sorts of legal arrangements, administrative decisions and practices laid down by the national and international public organizations and institutions, in order to strengthen the protection of the family as an institution.

Participants must submit the following to the conference coordinator by the dates set below:

  • the abstracts before the date of 15 July 2014 (250-400 words to), articles will consist of at least 8,000 characters (with spaces),
  • mini-biographies and photographs by 25 July 2014.

The Presentation Paper is to be sent by email to the [email protected] address. Accepted articles will be published on the web-site and conference proceedings will be published as a book in English and Turkish.

Detailed information about the conference details will be included in the web-site. Participants Are kindly requested to inform if they will require equipment (laptop, projector, etc.) during the presentation.

A royalty fee will of $ 300 for each article will be provided for the participants who will present papers at the conference, travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the organization. Conference will be held in Istanbul Turkey. Accommodation, transport information will be included in the conference web-site.

Detailed information about the conference details will be included in the web-site.

More information on the call for paper.

Source: Journalists and Writers Foundation , July 22, 2014

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