Filipino student wins Turkish international schools contest

Patricia Dalde Linogao from the Philippines wins the International Language and Culture Festival’s song contest held in the Romanian capital Bucharest.
Patricia Dalde Linogao from the Philippines wins the International Language and Culture Festival’s song contest held in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Date posted: May 25, 2015

Close to 4,000 spectators watched in awe as students from Turkish schools spanning across 15 countries and four continents sang songs from their own regions and cultures, including Kyrgyzstan, the United States and Tanzania.

One of the highlights of the evening were Turkish folkloric dances performed by pairs of students from Tanzania-Kyrgyzstan as well as Tanzania-Kazakhstan. A message of solidarity was also voice for Nepal, ravaged by a deadly earthquake on May 15.

In addition to legendary Turkish classical Singer Atilla Olgaç, the grand jury included prominent performing artists from Romania, Belgium and France. Patricia Dalde Linogao from the Philippines placed first, Oluwakemi from Texas came in second and Anissa Lukaraj placed third. Patricia’s award was granted by the Philippines embassy staff.

The competitors sang the Turkish song “Yeni Bir Dünya”, which means ‘a new world’ in English.

The program drew praise from international prominent figures. Romanian Secretary Culture Alexandru Oprean praised the quality of the competition, stating that it was a better watch compared to the Eurovision contest which aired at the same day. He congratulated the students and the Turkish organizers of the event for sending a worldwide message of peace.

Zoran Panovic lauded the competition unifying different cultures, while Georgian TV producer Tamar Meshki expressed he was in awe of the exceptional performances.

Source: BGNNews , May 24, 2015

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