‘I am just Fethullah the son of Ramiz’


Date posted: October 17, 2010

During my week long visit to the esteemed Fethullah Gülen, we occasionally got together with around eight to 10 people to converse over tea. I would like to share the thoughts that resonated with me by referencing the notes that I took during those get-togethers:Egocentrism (selfishness) is a block of ice. It is very difficult to melt it by throwing it into a pool of modesty. We need to cross out our egos. We need to destroy the feeling of “I,” we need to delete it. Some people are ambitious about being “noticed,” about standing out. Sometimes there are issues you cannot address even if you are in favor of peace and diplomacy.

If God supports your actions and doors are opened for you all the way in your endeavor, then you should not be worried. It means that you are on the right path.

No one can stop us humans when it comes to theories and words. We all become a [Persian poet] Firdawsī when we speak. We must do our best to represent our values. Everything should be supported by representation. You should live a consistent life. If you behave this way, then people who are in a quest [for truth] will find you. Then for the sake of God we will go to them.

When you show love to people, you should not expect a favor in return. There would be no end to it. You must love people unconditionally. You should show people only the amount of love they deserve. There is a lyric in a folk song that goes “too much affection means quick separation.” You should not love people the way you love God.

Someone came to me and said “They are saying this about you.” [Note from Hüseyin Gülerce: From what I understand, someone is asking esteemed Gülen if he claims to be a Mahdi.] There are some who also claim that I am seeking to establish a Caliphate. I am just Fethullah the son of Ramiz. I am an ordinary person. I am nobody special.

God tested our prophet with idolaters, and he is testing us with futile events.

Technology is rapidly changing, but minds are not. Mentality changes are not keeping up with technological changes.

Good things are happening in Turkey. Democratization is being supported by the public. Those who used to speak of coups can no longer do so. Once the climate changes, I would really like to come to Turkey. I miss it very much. I want to visit my homeland and fulfill my longing before I die.

There are lessons in the Koran about acting properly. It is appropriate to avoid subjects of controversy.

Let us not allow our grudges to affect our style. Let’s be fair. Let’s be impartial and objective.

The skills, knowledge and abilities of prophets depend on their tribes and the period they lived in. God gave them additional abilities and wisdom depending on the missions they were going to undertake. They are the epitome of giving one’s character its full justice.

Differences should not be used as a means for dispute and fighting. Instead of trying to outperform each other by shouting we should say “here’s an idea from me, here’s a suggestion I have, or here’s my assessment.” Everyone agrees that differences are wealth. Together, there would be a festival of colors — a unique beauty.

What affects your rank in the eyes of God is using your willpower justly. The result does not belong to you, it belongs to God. The result will not affect your rank.

The only way a person can find the correct path in the name of a religious faith is by following the path of the Prophet.

God passes his grace around. One day it is a holiday for you, another day it is a holiday for someone else.

Religion does not allow for insulting. You don’t have to insult others when loving someone else. You cannot say “loving the prophet depends on swearing at Abu Jahl.”

Anger is a temporary madness and it results in regret.

If we lived Islam properly, who knows what great things would happen. We fail to adequately comprehend the horizon that Islam opens for humanity. We don’t realize or recognize it very much because we are in it.

God appreciates modesty. He does not like people who clink the money in their pockets. We must be sincere towards God.

Not many people are grateful. There are so many blessings, yet people start to complain over just one small thing.

The treatment you expect the public to show you is the treatment the public expects to see from you.

May God give us abilities that are beyond our scope and help us to improve these abilities.

True Islam can be practiced in a society that shows respect to Muslims. This can be achieved by entering people’s hearts and removing the barriers between man and God. A true conquest is the conquest of hearts.

Source: Today's Zaman , October 14, 2010

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