Who is Fethullah Gülen, What is the Gülen [Hizmet] Movement?

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Germany Accuses Turkey Of ‘Unacceptable’ Spying Against Gülen Supporters

Expert: I fear that Turkey is headed to a prolonged period of civil conflict if not civil war

Ex-Pentagon advisor says Turkey is heading towards civil conflict, if not civil war

Radio Sweden exposes Turkish Gov’t tracks down regime critics in Sweden, threatens to take wives as hostages

UK Clears Gulenists Of Turkey’s ‘Coup’ Accusations

Germany informs Gülen sympathizers about Turkish Intel surveillance

Turkey – Baby with Down syndrome suffers major health problems in absence of jailed parents

After 8 Months, Turkish Gov’t Still Unable to Sell Allies Coup Narrative against the Gulen Movement

UK Parliament: No evidence that Gülen, movement behind coup attempt

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Scholars stress need for dialogue, cooperation to solve global issues

US calls Turkey to uphold fundamental freedoms after Zeynalov’s deportation

Exit strategy for the AKP

Michael Rubin: I realize I may have misread the Gülen movement

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